Lockdown Continues to Extend Itself

Lockdown Continues to Extend Itself

Here I am writing my first post on this website. Today is the 42nd day of this lockdown which seems like forever. Everybody is so much used to that fast lifestyle, where you do so many things in just a day. For Example, I remember a day when I woke up early morning(around 10 am) and straight away went to watch the first-day first show of a movie that I had been waiting for for a long time. After that Spent some time in the Mall, ate some junk, then I went to the office, did some vocal recordings, went to the gym, went to meet my Grandmother and spent some time there and had a nice Beer party in the evening with my friends. Quite a day that was! Well I won’t say every day had been like that but yeah life BC ( Before Corona ) had been happening.

So due to this Lockdown, the last 40 days or so taught a lot of good things too. First thing first you have time! Lots of time! and how to spend that time? That’s the challenge!
Well I decided to increase my skills and learn some new things. So Went onto go for a coarse of Mixing and Mastering from Udemy.com and took up to youtube to learn some piano skills. Well, that was not just enough to fill up all the time to spend, so I walked, walked a lot, walked for hours to and fro in my balcony listening to my favorite music. But that’s how life is, sometimes things are totally not under control and you have to just let it go the way it is going.

It was very sad to hear about the death of two of my favorite actors, Irfan khan and Rishi Kapoor. This surely marks the end of an Era. This gap can never be filled. They will be missed. Events like this make the lockdown period even worse. I also hope this Covid-19 situation is taken care of by our government, and everything goes back to normal very soon.

So here is my first blog post, and from now onwards I will keep posting. I have so many topics to discuss with you guys. Also you can always contact me through the contact page for any specific thing you want me to talk about.

Stay Safe & Stay Healthy
Hardik Trehan

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